About Playnux

Sitting in front of the computer, grabbing the keyboard and just hitting play. That’s kinda how we all start. Our curiosity made us search for new worlds, adventures, and stories. Playnux is a computer designed to run all PC existing games, with a better quality and fluency, but in an economic, compact, and simpler version, without limiting its potential. In addition to being completely functional with games it has all the abilities of a normal PC, which allows you to access your files, browse the internet, use your favorite text editor and more.


Playnux has a contemporary design, but above all, compact, there is no PC gamer or console with this potential of a similar size. Prepare to play with style!


Who said the best should be expensive? We’re focused on bringing a better and brand-new experience to everyone at a reasonable price. Considering that games are sold at Steam and Origin, platforms have a 50% lower price than other consoles and have discounts up to 95% constantly. Are you ready to play for a great price?


Playnux it’s over 60% superior to any of today’s next-gen console, thanks to its quad core Intel processor and Nvidia graphic card. They both are from the latest generation, running absolutely every single game with a top graphic quality having as a minimum 1080p and 60FPS in each game. Imagine playing Call of Duty at 4K in the coziness of your living room, blasting those speakers… Hell yeah! Only Playnux can take you to that level.

Welcome, gaming enthusiasts

It all starts with screws. As one of the biggest advantages over other platforms, Playnux products are upgradable and customizable. YES WAY! If you’re a computer savvy or have certain knowledge, you can customize certain parts without violating warranty. So now you know, when you’re feeling a little outrageous and want to upgrade, change o just gives it a little push, go for it fearlessly!